water from karstic springs and rivers forming sculptures for a split second


Sculptures formed by water for a split second - frozen by the photo camera

Sculptures that only last for a second or even less, formed and vanished, formed again and gone; an endless game of the fluent, streaming, running, bubbling, torrential liquid; no repetition of the same form. Similarity maybe, none equates the previous sculpture and eyes can only see the flow. Only the camera can freeze the everlasting game for a split second, reveal one of these sculptures and transform it into perpetualness.

The force of Water

Every year in May during the thawing period near a glacier massive in Austria, a number of enormous karstic springs start flowing, miles from the glacier, for a some weeks only. They only 'go' as the locals say, a few hours every afternoon. The springs spout with enormous force, at the peak time they even well from under neighbouring trees and every possible hole. The water is very white and due to its enormous force forms wonderful sculptures only visible for a split second. Second Sculptures is an ongoing project since 2013.