Fragmente ephemerer Realtät werden abstrahiert

Take me There

'Take me there' is a development of my Close-Up series and a further step into abstraction.

As in most of my other works I am carried by my all-time intention to immerse into my chosen subjects, to remove them from their surrounding and their seemingly everyday context, give these objects of my interest a new type of subjectivity, thus increasing their status with an autonomous materiality, form, and line and by trying this, set them into a new context.

The camera sweeps and caresses these objects, the close-range shots, the intended blurriness, try to bring forward the petals delicate composition, wild colouring, their extreme physicality and fragility. Fragments of ephemeral reality are transformed into abstracts to appear in a painterly quality.

This new context aims to take the viewers not only into a sort of abstraction, but into a dreamlike world of composition, blurriness, layers of painterly backdrops and only tiny vantage points to hold on to and so asks them to speculate what exactly it is they are seeing and form their own narratives.

The flower I worked on is an orange Tulipa Gesneriana!